Abu Dhabi Statistics Centre hosts Virtual SCAD Partners Forum

ABU DHABI — On the occasion of World Statistics Day, and under the banner ‘Connecting the World with Data we can Trust’, the Statistics Centre – Abu Dhabi, SCAD, today held its annual SCAD Partners Forum, a virtual workshop for its government partners. The workshop sought to strengthen communication and collaboration with government entities to build a comprehensive and integrated statistical work system and boost statistical competencies in Abu Dhabi.

A number of representatives from SCAD’s government sector partners attended the workshop.

In her keynote, Muna Saeed Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of the Statistics Sector at SCAD, stressed the importance of enhancing communication and positive cooperation with SCAD’s government partners, in order to improve data collection and production in Abu Dhabi according to best international standards. Al Suwaidi added that this would ensure more accurate and reliable data that meet the requirements of users across all sectors.

Al Suwaidi said: “A successful statistical ecosystem in Abu Dhabi is one where all relevant parties have a common understanding and commitment to elevate statistical excellence. In line with the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 to achieve sustainable and comprehensive social and economic development, we continue to boost national capabilities and competencies, and build an integrated statistical system to promote Abu Dhabi’s standing on the global competitiveness map.”

The workshop included various discussion points, such as enhancing data cooperation to support decision-making in Abu Dhabi, and the challenges faced by government entities in data collection and preparation. That, in addition to other topics that reviewed the most prominent needs of Abu Dhabi government entities following previous discussions that SCAD held with its partners. SCAD presented initiatives that support government entities in the emirate, and proposed recommendations for enriching the statistical ecosystem in Abu Dhabi.

During the Forum, SCAD presented E-Link, a central database that serves as a real time data hub for several economic, social, demographic, environmental and agricultural data and information factors that aims to better serve decision makers and users. E-Link also aims to enhance statistical cooperation and integration among government entities and promote Abu Dhabi’s competitiveness.

At the end of the workshop, the participants gave a number of recommendations including aligning local statistical strategies with that of a unified national strategic plan; and reinforcing cooperation between government entities and the statistical centres to enhance the statistical methods using AI models and new technologies. That, in addition to strengthening cooperation and participation of educational institutions in order to build statistical competencies and ensure the compatibility of learning outcomes with the labor market requirements. Also stressed was the need to focus on data quality.

The United Nations has marked October 20 as World Statistics Day, in order to raise awareness of the importance of statistics in social and economic development, and to dedicate more efforts and resources to strengthen national statistical competencies. This year’s slogan – ‘Connecting the World with Data we can Trust’ – highlights the importance of reliable data and innovation in national statistical systems.

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