Agricultural, food commodities traded by Abu Dhabi in 2018 valued at AED17 billion: SCAD



According to the Statistics Centre – Abu Dhabi, SCAD, the value of agricultural and food commodities traded by Abu Dhabi in 2018 amounted to AED17 billion, representing around 21.2 percent of the national total in this product category.

Abu Dhabi’s imports of agricultural and food commodities was valued at AED7.71 billion last year, accounting for 45.2 percent of the country’s overall trade in this product category while exports were valued at to AED6.5 billion, and re-exports at AED2.8 billion, according to the centre.

Statistics also show that livestock products were the most importable items, valued at AED2.854 billion, followed by vegetable products at AED2.4 billion, and general food items, such as fertilisers, pesticides and animal and vegetable oils, at AED2 billion.

Abu Dhabi’s export of general food items amounted to AED3.23 billion while livestock and animal products were valued at AED2.4 billion.

Re-exported plant products were valued at AED1.63 billion, general food items at AED880 million, and live animals and livestock products at AED275 million.

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