Angelina Jolie blames Brad Pitt for not being able to live abroad


It seems like Hollywood star Angelina Jolie still holds a lot of resentment towards ex-husband Brad Pitt, following their divorce and custody battle over kids. 

The actress recently blamed her former beau in a cover interview for Harper’s Bazaar for not achieving her dream of living abroad and said it won’t be possible to do so anytime soon as she has to live where the Ad Astra actor is based.

However, Angelina Jolie insists on moving to Africa next year with her children.

A close-by source disclosed that Jolie has plans to make a new home base in Africa and the entire family could stay there for a long time if not move permanently.

Photo: Harper's Bazaar
Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

“She knows Brad can’t just pick up and move there as well. And if he doesn’t let the children go, well, it makes him look like the bad guy,” they further said.

The source added that this could prevent Pitt from improving his complicated relationship with his kids but Jolie should be mindful of the long-lasting consequences as it might cause her to lose custody over kids due to ‘breach of law.’

The couple separated in 2016 following nearly three years of marriage and thirteen years of being together.

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