Any Amount Of Running Could Benefit Health, Longevity

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Can running benefit our health and reduce mortality risks? If yes, how much running can benefit us? A recent review of multiple studies, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine threw some light on the benefits of running in improving our health. The overall assessment seems to indicate that running, any amount of running, can reduce risks of all-cause, cardiovascular and cancer mortality.

The review, undertaken by a cross-country team of scientists, was based 14 studies from six cohorts that covered 232149 participants.  Of these, 25 951 deaths were recorded during various follow-ups. The analysis of the data shows that running is associated with a 27% lower risk for all-cause mortality, 30% lower risk for cardiovascular mortality and 23% lower risk for cancer mortality when compared with no running.

The team also studied the frequency, pace, duration, and total volume of running. Increased running was linked to better health and longevity. But any amount of running was found to be better than no running. However, higher doses of running did not show any marked increase in mortality benefits.

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