‘Avengers: Endgame’ editor reveals alternate Iron Man and Spider-Man reunion


Avengers Endgame editor Jeff Ford revealed the reunion between Iron Man and Spider-Man had to be changed. 

This happened following the fans’ emotional response to Spider-Man’s disintegration in Avengers: Infinity War.

The team came up with an alternate reunion scene before the one we saw. In the original Endgame moment, there were other characters too but the team soon realised that Peter and Tony’s connection should take centre stage without any distractions.

“The first time we shot it, Peter and Tony reunite and Pepper’s [Potts] nearby, and Tony goes, ‘Uh, Peter, do you know Pepper?’ – ‘Nice to meet you!’. It’s one of those crazy meet-cutes in the middle of a fight,” explained Jeff.

“He hugs him and they have this thing, but it felt very incidental like they ran into each other at an airport or something.”

He revealed how they went about the change. “We watched it, and they were both great in the scene, but it was like a comedy scene, so it had this schtick quality to it. By the way, we did not yet know how powerful Peter disappearing was [in Infinity War] when we shot that first version.

“We had shot it, I think, but we hadn’t tested it, we hadn’t lived with it and actually done the [effect] of [him] going away, so when the audience had that reaction, we’re like, this reunion is different now. It’s a different thing.”

The film broke all records at the box office, becoming the fastest movie ever to reach $1bn mark in just five days.

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