Bulimia Nervosa Associated With Cardiovascular Risk


While bulimia nervosa might be a life-threatening condition by itself, it could be a signal of further health complications in life as well. Women with bulimia nervosa may be at risk of developing cardiovascular conditions, says a recent study.

The study set out to examine the association of bulimia nervosa with the long-term risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality in women. It concluded that the condition could be associated with the risk of several cardiovascular outcomes, including myocardial infarction, other ischemic heart diseases, atherosclerosis, and conduction disorders.

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The risk of these heart-related conditions was highest in the first five years after the index bulimia-related hospitalization. It was observed to be lower after this duration.

The findings of this research can help with the prevention of cardiovascular conditions amongst women dealing with bulimia nervosa by making them informed about the need for early screening for prevention and treatment.

Bulimia nervosa is a condition where the person affected tends to binge-eat, which is followed by compensatory behavior such as taking laxatives or making themselves throw up. It can affect all genders and can lead to other conditions such as bowel and kidney problems, dental health concerns, and muscle spasms.

Source Organic Health
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