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Approach of Pharmacists for Safe and Effective Medications for All Maryam Inayat 3 rd Professional Year Baqai Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Baqai Medical University

In 21st century while living in a developing country, Pakistan, the most seemingly and interesting question is, "Are the fundamental roles of pharmacists well understood in our society?" In this domain and era of escalating universal expectations, professional peer pressure, advancement in modern techniques and treatment methods, it is necessary to define the role of pharmacist along with the other professional members of the health care system for correct perception or affirmation of this field. It is indeed a complication to develop a confined definition of pharmacist. The pharmacist can have vast generic roles, either as an industrialist, a clinician, an educator, a manager, a researcher, a service developer, a leader, a health governor, a forensic technician, a public health practitioner and service provider such as aiding in polio awareness as well as other disease relevant campaigns or a certified smoking cessation innovator etc. Considering this year world pharmacist day with the theme "Safe and effective medication for all" designated by International Pharmaceutical Federation, lets avail the chance of appreciating our fellow pharmacists as the medicines expert. Pharmacist today stand side by side with the physician,,nurses and other health case professional across all specialties. They also have a command on managing the patients medications to assume compliance and provide safe and therapeutic doses as well as guide about the potential interaction and adverse effects. Today the role of pharmacist from checking and distributing drugs to doctor for a patient prescribed medication has changed and amplified to advising patients as well as fellow healthcare providers for selecting best therapeutic doses, guiding about interactions, along with having a role as a learned intermediary between the patient and the prescriber. The message from the president of FIP for the year 2019 is to use their blood knowledge along with the unique expertise to ensure that people get the best from the medicines. Every competing pharmacist must ensure access to medicines along with their appropriate use, improve adherence and coordinate case transitions. Every pharmacist must take full responsibility to make sure that when my patient uses a medication, it may not cause any harm. On this pharmacist day lets recognise the positive impact of pharmacist across the health care system. Lets appreciate this huge responsibility they take while considering that 70% of population regularly takes at least 1 prescribed drug, every day and medicinal experts fortify its security

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