Dubai to host major pulse industry event in 2020



DMCC, a Free Zone for commodities trade and enterprise, today announced its support for the GPC Convention 2020, the global pulse industry’s premier event, to be held at the Grand Hyatt Dubai in April next year.

Nearly one thousand academics, government bodies, farming organisations, food and agricultural experts, traders and pulses industry experts from more than a hundred countries are due to attend the event. In a series of panels and keynote speeches, the group will debate the global production, performance, consumption and trade of pulses, as well as the commercial opportunity presented by Expo 2020 Dubai to the sector as a whole.

“Environmental groups, scientific researchers and agronomists are all convinced that if we are to have any chance of meeting the increasing global demand for food, the cultivation of pulses is the key. There is simply no better time to have a discussion on agriculture and advancing the pulse trade, and DMCC is delighted to have played a role in bringing this event to Dubai,” said Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, DMCC.

“There is clearly a flourishing marketplace for agricultural goods in Dubai and our event will place the spotlight on the pulse trade in the UAE like never before,” said Cindy Brown, President, Global Pulse Confederation.

“With Expo 2020 Dubai around the corner, Dubai represents a huge opportunity for all those connected to the pulse trade, and I would like to thank DMCC for connecting us to this exciting part of the world,” added Sudhakar Tomar, Convenor, GPC 2020 Convention, in Dubai.

In late 2018, the UAE ensured its commitment to food security with the launch of the “National Food Security Strategy 2051”. It defines the elements of the “National Food Basket” campaign, which includes 18 main types, based on three main criteria: “knowledge of the volume of domestic consumption of the most important products”, “production capacity”; and “processing and nutritional needs”.

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