Emilia Clarke reveals why her brain hemorrhage was a ‘good thing’


The versatile Hollywood star Emilia Clark opened up about why she considers the life-threatening brain hemorrhage she had as a ‘good thing’.

The Game of Thrones star had suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage back in 2011 at the age of 24. She has now revealed in an interview with The Observer how that phase changed her views about many things.

The actor shared: “I definitely think it’s a good thing. Because I was never destined to be the ‘young actor goes off the rails’ type, up and down the gossip columns. And having a brain hemorrhage that coincided precisely with the beginning of my career and the beginning of a show (Game of Thrones) that became something quite meaty, it gave me a perspective that I wouldn’t have otherwise.”

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The Me Before You actor also talked about how her disease helped her gain strength and determination. She added: “I’m quite a resilient human being, so a parent dying and brain hemorrhages coinciding with success and people following you in the street and getting stalkers – you’re just like, ‘Well, let’s try and make something sensible of it.”

The actor, who had also initiated SameYou, an NGO which treats patients having brain-related injuries, expressed that she didn’t reveal her sickness over fear of people’s change in behavior. She decided to open up about her disease after eight years for the sole purpose of promoting her charity.

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