Fortnite: An Online Battle Royal Game



By Muhammad Rayyan Janjua

7th-grade student (Beacon House School System)

Origin: Fortnite is an online battle Royale game. It was first introduced in 2017 and is developed by epic games, which is powered by the epic games launcher.

Variations: This game can be played in two modes one of them being battle royale and save the world. The battle royal is free to play and is a mode with 100 players dropping off a bus and going to their destination.

Platforms: This can be played across many platform like Windows, Macos, Play station 4, Xbox one, Nintendo, Io’s and android .Each platform has different exclusive skins, which is usable in the battle Royale.

The Story Line: The game has a very unique story line with live events in the battle Royale mode like the first 3 seasons had a comet which turned out to be an meteorite then the meteorite made a hole which made a new place then rifts opened up made a crack in the sky and then lightning started which made Kevin the cube which made runes which made the corrupted areas and then the cube melted in loot lake and then turned the lake to a floating island and then the Island was destroyed which made another new place which leads to the present with the new season starting in 5 days and maybe a new event could happen which would be really cool

Battle Royale: This mode is full on based on your strategy. The game gets harder every time the circle decreases in size and if you are stuck in the storm you will most probably die but you can play it over and over again and finally get your victory Royale. You could play aggressively or you hide low and for less people to be alive and then strike. If you have played other third person or first person shooters that experience will help you a lot. Lastly the battle passes. The battle pass can be bought for v bucks 950 v bucks for exact with the battle pass you get exclusive items that not everyone can have but if u don’t want to use your money on the game you could upgrade the free battle pass which gives you some of the rewards .You have a locker in game to customize your character to look different from everyone else if you have bought or unlocked something from the battle pass or item shop. You can also buy emotes or skins from the item shop. The item shop contains 8 or more depending on the exclusiveness .The item shop changes every day. The game has many modes like solo in which you go alone and fight 99 other players and then duos in which you fight with 1 partner then squads in which you team up with 3 other players which will help you win against 25 other squads and then you have 50 vs 50 in which you have 50 team mates and your team should be the last one standing or other modes like only explosive or other game modes based on what they are adding in the game like they added a new sniper so added the only sniper mode and then the mode changed in the next update which is really fun .

Save the world: Save the World which is not free right now but will be in the future but if you bought it you will get exclusive rewards. It can be played by 4 players in the same match in this mode you have to protect the survivors from the zombies every time you advance a level you get better stuff to beat more difficult missions. Every time you progress you unlock more characters. This mode contains over 1000s of skins that can be earned and you have home bases which are the bases that you build to stay in for the waves in the game but this is not in the battle royale mode. Some of the guns which are in save the world are not in the battle royale mode. But Fortnite tries to add them in the different weekly updates.

My Opinion about the game: In my opinion the game is really addictive and is really fun thee first time I started playing it was really hard but when I started learning the basics then I started practicing which made me good and then I got very good and now I have like 10 wins but every day I meet a harder opponent every day which helps me turn my weakness into my strength and now I am a decent player.


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