• How eager Israelis responded to UAE-Israel Peace Agreement
  • The Peace Agreement has brought joy and excitement to Israeli people
  • People in Jerusalem believe the deal will bring stability in the region

The UAE has become the third Arab country to establish diplomatic ties with Israel triggering a flurry of excitement and hopes among Israelis for peace and stability in the region.

The UAE-Israel peace agreement, or the “Abraham Accord”, was agreed by the both countries on August 13, 2020. This deal secured an Israeli commitment to halt further annexation of Palestinian lands in the West Bank.

The deal is expected to bring stability in the region, boost security ties, trade and add an appealing tourist destination for travel-happy Israelis.

While reacting to UAE-Israel Peace Agreement, Israelis expressed their sentiments and feeling of excitement. For eager Israelis, expectation is escalating that they will soon join the ranks as a once-forbidden destination now within reach.

The Israelis are satisfied with Abraham Accord as they consider it to be a step towards peace and harmony between the two countries. They said they are eagerly looking forward to exploring the UAE and excited to welcome the people of the UAE in their country.

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They also said that this peace deal will benefit both the countries and they will have an opportunity to explore each other’s cultures, norms, customs and traditions.

“This is a very good, and important step that represents advancement. I hope that it is the beginning of a beautiful friendship and a welcome agreement for both the sides. It includes cooperation, tourism, peace between Muslims, Jews, Christians, we are all together,” said an Israeli native.

Another said, “I hope that they will make people understand that Israelis are peace-loving, not war-loving. It will open a window of opportunity for us to get to know a whole new world.”

“We are not extremist, we love others. We love those who differ from us. We embrace them we love to you. The Israelis are the people that know how to enjoy life. We saw that the Emirates [UAE] are very welcoming, happy and warm, just like us. They should get know us.”

These are the sentiments shown by the citizens at Jerusalem’s city centre during the video interview.
It is worth mentioning here that the UAE would become the third Arab country after Jordan and Egypt striking a deal on normalising relations with Israel.

Both countries already had informal relations and Abraham Accord is a way to officially normalise those relations. Both the countries are expected to sign an agreement in the White House on September 15.

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