Hotel establishment revenues in Abu Dhabi up 16.1 pc to AED1.7 in Q1



The hotel establishment revenues in Abu Dhabi increased 16.1 percent in Q1-2019 to around AED1.7 bn from AED1.48 bn in the comparable period 2018, according to the Statistics Centre- Abu Dhabi (SCAD).

The growth is reflective of the high performance of the sector since the beginning of the year and the increasing tourist volume in the UAE capital thanks to its integrated infrastructure and multi-faceted sightseeing attractions.

In more detail, the number of hotel establishments, which include hotels and hotel apartments, increased to 169 by March end against 163 in the same month 2018. Hotel rooms likewise increased 5.1 percent to 33,074 during the first three months of the year from 31,482 in March 2018.

Hotel guests rose from 1.285 million to 1.291 during the monitored period, with hotel nights up from 3.422 to 3.513, edging occupancy rates up from 78 percent to 79 percent by quarter end.

Hotel guests carrying Gulf passports increased 7.2 percent to 73,000, with non-Arab Africans up 22.9 percent, Arabs 7.5 percent, while North & South American passports holders increased 16.3 percent.

SCAD attributed the revenue growth to the robust tourist infrastructure boasted by Abu Dhabi in terms of attractive recreational facilities and rates.

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