Identifying, avoiding triggers key to deal with asthma in UAE


Dubai, May 13: Chances are very high for having asthma if you are experiencing shortness of breath, feeling chest tightening or pain, and facing trouble in sleeping due to coughing or wheezing, says a leading medical expert.

“Asthma symptoms vary from individual to individual. You may have infrequent asthma attacks, have symptoms only at specific times — such as when exercising — or have symptoms all the time,” says AVIVO Group Chief Executive Officer Dr. Dilshaad Ali.

“Identifying and avoiding asthma triggers are important in managing asthma. Several outdoor allergens and irritants, ranging from pollen and mould to cold air and air pollution, can trigger asthma attacks. Identify what causes or worsens your asthma and take appropriate steps to avoid those triggers,” Dr. Ali adds.

It is also crucial to keep recording your asthma symptoms in order to track how well the disease is controlled, says Ali, adding that having regular check-ups will help you assess your level of asthma control and will help you adjust your treatment for better asthma control.

Beside regular check-ups, the internal medicine department of Dr Ali’s AVIVO Group — which has recently been awarded the “Superbrands” status for the year 2019 for demonstrating excellence in providing high-quality healthcare services in the UAE – proposes an action plan to asthma patients

“A few precautions may delay or even prevent asthma from manifesting in children. Avoid dust mites; restrict contact with pets; maintain a healthy weight; manage stress; avoid tobacco smoke; breastfeed your child; and avoid stress, cigarettes and alcohol during pregnancy,” advises Dr Ali.

Latest studies suggest that asthma symptom severity is greater among teens with depressive symptoms and the asthma-related quality of life is lower in teens with depressive symptoms.

“Depressive symptoms are prevalent among urban teens with asthma and are associated with worse outcomes. Consider depression as a serious health concern and take preventative measures to ward off depression,” says the Chief Executive of AVIVO Group, which has 47 healthcare assets include 2 highly reputed Hospitals, 29 Clinics including 10 High-end Dental Centres attached with sophisticated Dental Lab, 6 Pharmacies, 6 Distribution Centres, 2 Training Centres and 2 State-of-the-art Diagnostic Facilities.

Some tips, according to the leading medical expert, to avoid asthma attacks in the cold are drinking extra fluids in the winter, which keeps the mucus in the lungs thinner making it easier for the body to remove it; try to avoid anyone who is sick; get your flu vaccine; vacuum and dust your home often to remove indoor allergens; and wash your sheets and blankets every week in hot water to get rid of dust mites.

“Moreover, learn how to use your medicines properly and at the correct time. If you need to take inhaled medicines, you can practice using your inhaler at your asthma clinic. If you take long-term control medicines, take them daily as per the doctor’s prescription,” concludes Dr Ali, whose AVIVO Group has established a strong reputation for its ability to deliver a wide variety of specialised healthcare services in the region at convenient locations.

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