Indian expat wins Dh15 million in Abu Dhabi raffle


ABU DHABI– Indian expat and Sharjah resident Shojith KS is not yet aware but he is now a multi-millionaire after winning Dh15 million at the Abu Dhabi Duty Free’s Big Ticket series 203 draw on Friday night with a bumper prize of Dh15 million.

Richard, who conducts the Big Ticket Raffle at the Abu Dhabi International Airport every month, phoned Shojith a couple of times but was not successful to talk to Shojith. The draw was live streamed on Youtube.


Shojith bought his winning ticket number 030510 online on April 1.

“If (our call) don’t get through we will keep on trying. And if we still can’t get in touch with Shojith, we are going to his house – we know where he lives in Sharjah,” quipped Richard during the draw that was streamed live on YouTube.

Meanwhile, another Indian expat, Mangesh Mainde, won a brand new BMW 220i with his winning ticket number 001462.

Eight other Indian nationals and one Pakistani won the 9 consolation prizes. Susamma Veluthedathuparambil John won Dh100,000; Bindhu Laly won Dh90,000; Roshima Vinod Kumar, 70,000; Nellissery Vareed Joy, 50,000; Dilshad Rahim, Dh30,000; Harish Kunhithan Maliyekkal Ummer, 20,000; Antony Raphael Rykiel (the only Pakistani winner), Dh20,000; Merash Mookkoliyil, Dh10,000; Rijo Joseph, Dh10,000.


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