Indian occupied Kashmir remains under military siege on consecutive 120th day


SRINAGAR: Routine life continues to remain paralyzed in Indian occupied Kashmir owing to severe military lockdown and internet blackout on 120th day on Monday.

Amid heavy deployment of Indian troops, restrictions under section 144 remain enforced, causing immense hardships to the residents.

Although landline phones and voice calls on postpaid connections were partially restored, but the people continue to suffer due to continued suspension of prepaid mobile and text messaging services.

The continued curb on the internet has wreaked havoc on the businesses and economy besides hampering the education of students. Journalists too are finding it difficult to file stories.

They have to travel a long distance to the so-called Media Facilitation Centre in Srinagar where they have to wait for hours at a time to access the facility.

The suspension of this modern tool of communication has effectively cut people off not only from their immediate surroundings but also from the world.

People in the Occupied Kashmir Valley continue to observe civil disobedience to protest New Delhi’s anti-Kashmir moves. As part of this movement, they shun schools and offices. Public transport also remains largely off the roads.

Shops do open but only for few hours in the morning and evening to cater to the daily needs of the masses.

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