Israel election: Can Benjamin Netanyahu prevail again?

Latest polls show even the fourth election in two years is unlikely to provide Israel with much-needed stability.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud party remain popular. However, the latest opinion polls indicate the election is unlikely to provide the country with much-needed stability and its outcome remains unpredictable.

While Likud has a slight lead in the polls, Netanyahu faces a dynamic that did not exist during previous elections. Israel’s political landscape has transformed, and it could make winning the election significantly harder for the longtime leader.

The latter notwithstanding, major deviation or surprises are not expected, according to Uriel Abulof, associate professor of politics at Tel Aviv University.

“Polls in Israel have been largely accurate before, so it is reasonable to believe that about half the electorate support a coalition led by Netanyahu, about half does not,” Abulof told media.

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