Israeli Defence Minister Accuses Iran of Launching Maritime Attacks From UAV Bases


According to the defence minister, in addition to launching attacks from the bases, Tehran also used them for storing combat drones.

Israel has accused Iran of launching maritime attacks with unmanned aerial vehicles from bases in Chabahar and Qeshm island in the country’s south.

The statement was made by Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz. He described it as a first public disclosure as he was addressing a security conference hosted by Reichman University in Herzliya.
“One of the key tools is UAVs and precision weapons, which can reach strategic targets within thousands of kilometres, and thus this capability is already endangering Sunni countries, international troops in the Middle East and also countries in Europe and Africa,” the defence minister said, as quoted by the Jerusalem Post.

Gantz added that the bases were also used by Iran for storing combat drones.

This comes as the negotiations on Iran’s nuclear deal (JCPOA) are set to resume in Vienna next week. Speaking during a security conference in Herzliya on Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennet said that Israel had opposed the deal in 2015 and will continue to oppose it, even if the US returns to it.
“Even if there is a return to an agreement [with Iran], Israel is not a side to it, is not obligated by it,” Bennett said, as quoted by the Jerusalem Post.
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