‘Joker’ sequel in the works?


Director Todd Phillips eyes more DC origin movies and the latest buzz is that a Joker sequel is reportedly happening but is it really?

According to Hollywood Reporter, after the R-Rated crossed the $1 billion mark, Phillips proposed Warner Bros. to develop a portfolio of DC characters’ origin stories. He managed to convince them and walked out with the rights to at least one other DC story.

Contrary to this, Deadline reports that this is untrue. “At this point, there are no deals for a sequel, nor even any negotiations”.

Multiple sources revealed to the publication that meeting between the director and Warner Bros. film chief Toby Emmerich didn’t take place on October 7.

This doesn’t mean that a sequel will never happen but as of now, there is no confirmation.

Joker fans will have to wait to hear good news about the Joaquin Phoenix starer.

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