Life without controversy is no life, but why one should not choose safe haven of conformism:

Controversy comes from non-conformity


Life without controversy is no life, but why one should not choose safe
haven of conformism:

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By Engr. Raja Muhammad Israr

Controversy comes from non-conformity, when a nation, a society or an individual
commence to boycott/refuse the existing customs and theological norms .The
rebelliousness is not a rejection of religious authority but it is rejection of
orthodoxy either it’s in any form or any nature, which is hurdle in way of
development of mind and society . Conformism saves one from criticism and
punishment but leads to lack of opinion and development of society. Difference
of opinion is a blessing and controversy leads to the development of mind,
creativity, circumstances, state & trigger to revolution. That is why we should not
choose the safe haven of conformism and to become a slave of traditions and
This quote is attributed by Robert Green Ingersoll to Ferdinand Magellan is a
great example of non-conformity: “The Church says the earth is flat; but I have
seen its shadow on the moon, and I have more confidence even in a shadow than
in the Church.” Imagine if he had not had the courage to go against what the
Church was teaching. Imagine what England or Europe would look like if British
society hadn’t fought against the taxation and oppression of the Church. Mignon
McLaughlin said, “Every society honours its live conformists and its dead
troublemakers.” Those who have had the courage to be different always do
breakthrough, when there is no one to dare to stand-up. Think about that if
British conform to what society dictates without questioning or daring to take a
stand, British would still be ruled by the Church of England. In addition, those who
refused to accept conformity revolted the world. To illustrate, Albert Einstein is
known as a genius. His fame is associated with the worlds of science and physics.
But, Einstein wasn’t just any “scientist”, as he thought beyond traditional
education. He was creative. In many cases Einstein disregarded authority and
ignored conventional methods. Why? Because authority bored him – not because
he wanted to show-off or look good to the world (he didn’t even bother fixing his
hair for award photos!). Einstein said “A foolish faith in authority is the worst
enemy of truth”.
Although many People feel that nonconformity is not an easy choice or is not easy
to accept. People describe nonconformist as “oddballs” or “weirdos.” These
people really should not be considered odd and weird, because they are usually
very intelligent. The difference of opinion that each nonconformist has should be
allowed to be put out in the open for others to hear. Martin Luther King Jr. is an
example of a rebellious. He was regarded as a nonconformist, because during a
time of violent and unfair acts against black people, he believed that it could all
be settled in a nonviolent way .while many believed the only way to get their
rights was to act out in violent ways, he disagreed. Many people did not like
Martin Luther King Jr. for his idea on nonviolence; however, he was smart and
devised plans and sit-ins that helped get people their civil rights. Martin Luther
King Jr. was once put into jail and was later assassinated. If it weren’t for Martin
Luther King Jr. taking a stand against conformity then there wouldn’t have the
Civil Rights Movement or the Women’s Rights Movement that changed the way
society thinks and acts towards African-Americans and women. Moreover; Galileo
was another nonconformist. He was a famous philosopher, astronomer, and
inventor. The reason that Galileo was considered a nonconformist is because he
went against the Catholic Church views due to the scientific view on the centre of
the universe. Galileo believed, unlike the Catholic Church, that the sun was the
centre of the universe (The Galileo Controversy). This made him a nonconformist
because he stood out from other people’s views at Catholic Church. Galileo was
put on trial after he wrote a letter to the Grand Duchess Christina stating his
views about science and religion (Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina of
Often, it is considered to be that Individual can’t bring the change to society, can’t
stand up against the existing power system except to follow orthodoxy, because
challenging to system is betrayed to system or society. A society, however, that
recognise problem but doesn’t stand-up. A society that surrenders itself to fail
accompli of death and destruction and conform to what legislators dictates them,
and then destiny of such society is always destruction. Nelson Mandela is another
example of an individual non-conformist. He was First black president of South
Africa. He was always against racism and was often the part of protests which is
why he was expelled from college. He got involved in racial discrimination and led
many protests. For this action nelson Mandela was jailed for 27 year but he never
stopped fighting. Through his perseverance of making South Africa democratic
and peaceful, he received Nobel Prize in 1993 .Nelson Mandela always did what
he thought was right. Others were conformist who followed and did what the
government told them to do; but he didn’t .He overcome South African
government trying him to make him conform. The leader at that time even
promised him to free him from jail if he stopped fighting but he refused this
proposal. He was determined to set his country free and never gave up upon his
intention .Nelson Mandela Saying “When people are determined they can
overcome anything. ’In fact that Nelson Mandela was non-conformist because he
was not able to define his own path in the face of others stressing that he needed
to adhere to another. He would have to be seen as a non-conformist because he
was able to embrace what he felts as right .Mandela acted upon his own sense of
righteousness and honour. . Though he was the only one fighting for society’s
improvement, his sacrifice and leadership in and outside of prison paved the way
for a better nation. If Nelson Mandela accepted conventionalism that individual
efforts could dominate in over country and didn’t take a stand against conformity
then South Africa would not be where that it today and some certain policies and
initiatives would not have been enacted to challenge the poisonous and violent
race relations in the country.
Many believe that, strong societies should always have a faith on conformism and
blindly follow every rule and norm of society without question because without
conformity is anarchy .Even though, not at all laws are just. Accepting laws
without questioning are actually setting themselves up for failure. A blind belief in
any system without questioning is a dangerous way to move through life and is
not good for society, some laws are meant to be broken. Conformists that refuse
to break the rule and just go along to get along offer up too much of their own
power to power in charge .with each unjust rule that is conformed to the member
of society afford the people in charge to much power which can be very
dangerous. One of the examples is French revolution, when people of French
accepted conformity at the expense of common sense, reason; till France was
governed by Privileged group while productive class were taxed heavily for
foreign wars, court extravagance and a rising national debit. Though people took
stand against the rulings elite’s emperor and refused to accept what the
monarchy dictates and bourgeois and land downing classes emerged as dominant
power. The revolution unified the France and enhanced the power of national
state. All agree for the French revolution had extra ordinary influence on the
making of modern world. In fact the non-conformist played main role in the
development of state and nations. Second example is Formation of Pakistan on
world map .If Muslim of subcontinent had conformed what Hindu and British
had dictated them .Today Muslim situation would not be as today in subcontinent
and they were being ruled by Hindus as a third class caste.
In addition, Occupy Wall Street and is another perfect example of what happens
when non-conformity meets strong resistance from the entity from which it seeks
to break free. Occupy has been vilified by the mainstream media, by the
government, and by those who are afraid to step outside of their comfort zone
and take a stand against what they know is fundamentally wrong in this country
out of the fear of being persecuted and prosecuted. The busting up of the Occupy
camps, the pepper spraying, beating, and arresting of protestors is propelled by
fear. The fear our government has of the people daring to question, daring to take
a stand, daring not to conform to laws and policies that have robbed us of our
rights and freedoms.
Lastly, when we talk about Nonconformity and don’t mentioned about Che
Guevara It will be complete in justice. Che Guevara was a legendary political
activist, who gave his life for the downfall of imperialism and the establishment of
socialism. It is through his relentless work that he became the counter cultural
symbol of rebellion and revolution. Throughout his life, Guevara held numerous
profiles, that of a doctor, author, guerrilla leader, diplomat and military theorist.
He is known to have played a significant role in the Cuban Revolution along with
Fidel Castro and was essentially responsible for the victory attained against the
Batista regime. Post the Cuban Revolution, he shaped the economy of Cuba
towards a productive and prosperous future by coming out with progressive
plans. He was also responsible for the magnanimous increase in the literacy rate
of Cuba from 60% to 96%. It was his belief of creating the consciousness of ‘new
man’ driven by morals rather than material incentives that has made him a
revered figure in the history. For the same, he was listed in the TIME magazine’s
list of 100 most influential people of the 20th century. In facts, he did what he
thought to be right. If he had accepted conformity like others , he would never
have known as legendry person .History evident that world keep remember to
those who think differently not those who are conformistm
In conclusion, conformity in society is beneficial in that it does keep us from
descending into total chaos. We should not be so socialized that we act out of
habit, conforming to authority figures that don’t represent the ideals and values
we hold, out of fear instead of agreement. Courage doesn’t mean you are not
afraid, it means you do it anyway. Courage–to go against the system, to be a nonconformist, the ability to take a stand and change society in a way that serves the
greater good and not just a selected few. The non-conformity displayed by these
movements aforementioned caused us as a society to rethink our positions and
change our laws to benefit the greater good of society as a whole. Many nonconformity protests and uprisings all over the world, as the people begin to wake
up to the oppression of their Governments, religious leaders, and laws that only
benefit a select few, leaving the people who they are supposed to represent
without that representation or ability to voice their dissatisfaction with them.
Altogether the nonconformists of the past and present are very important to
society. The nonconformists have shared ideas with us that have created new
views and opinions among other people. Even if someone does not believe the
nonconformists are exactly correct, just regard them as eccentric and respect
their opinions and views. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and it should
be respected no matter what View other nonconformist; this attitude think
differently is much needed today – questioning the existing systems (economic
structure, education systems, and international development). We can all benefit
from thinking differently.

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