MoFAIC’s Youth Council organises youth circle on link between UAE’s National Agenda, priorities of foreign policy



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, MoFAIC, Youth Council on Wednesday held a youth circle on the link between the UAE‘s National Agenda and the priorities of its foreign policy.

The event saw the participation of 12 diplomats from Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Kenya, South Africa, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Australia and Gabon. Also present were 50 young diplomats from MoFAIC.

The circle hosted Dr. Al Saghira Al Ahbabi, Director of the American Affairs Department at MoFAIC.

The circle highlighted the UAE‘s National Agenda and its key pillars, including the Year of Tolerance, which aims at fostering values of centrism, multi-culturalism, peace and co-existence, as well as solidifying the UAE as a successful model for tolerance in the region, by promoting global peace and security, respecting others, driving development and prosperity and fighting extremism and terrorism.

Also discussed were the challenges facing young diplomats in promoting National Agenda internationally and the innovative initiatives to identify common grounds between the UAE‘s National Agenda and the goals of other countries.

Dr. Al Saghira Al Ahbabi underlined the important role played by the Youth Councils and circles in creating platforms for communication among the youth to share expertise and proposals to overcome challenges.

The Youth Council of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation adopted the slogan “Diplomacy of the Future, Ambition and Hope” and its vision to prepare a promising generation of young diplomats to contribute to the 2021 Youth Agenda, by developing the skills, abilities and competencies of the Ministry’s youth, to highlight the UAE’s efforts in empowering the youth, embracing their ambitions and hopes, and promoting diplomatic work based on knowledge and innovation to achieve excellence in foreign policy.

The Council takes responsibility for a number of specialisations, the most important of which is the supervision and organization of youth events and initiatives in the Ministry and UAE missions worldwide. It also participates in the projects of the National Youth Agenda and related efforts, and collaborates with federal authorities, the private sector and any other entities wishing to implement a special event with the youth in the Ministry.

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