Pakistan’s first private space company set to announce debut launch


Pakistan’s first private space company, Karachi-based The Rocket & Satellite Company Limited (TRSC), will be announcing the timeline for its first launch into space.

First launch: Founder and CEO of the space company, Sami Ullah Khan tweeted that there is a lot of work that still needs to be finished before the company launches its first rocket. However, he said that the expected date of the launch along with the timeline will be announced on August 14, Pakistan’s independence day.

 The Rocket & Satellite Company: This company was founded by Sami Ullah Khan in Karachi, with a mission to advance the field of space technology in Pakistan and provide cost-effective solutions to other space companies. It aims to offer economical prices for the development of payload systems and offers services to send it into space as well. TRSC is working on the improvement of space launch systems, satellite manufacturing, and ground segment in Pakistan.

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Solution for space debris: The company has also come up with a comprehensive space debris solution using a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and space technology. This system minimizes the risk of collisions between satellites, spacecraft and the debris in space which will eventually save a lot of money for space companies.

In-Orbit servicing: Another issue that TRSC plans to solve is in-orbit servicing, which refers to the maintenance and evaluation of a spacecraft while it’s in space. This service can greatly increase the lifespan of a satellite and allow it to last longer in space.

Space platform: These developments can also provide a platform for scientists, engineers, professionals, and students in Pakistan, to develop their skills for the space industry and serve not only Pakistan but humanity all over the world. In May 2020, the rocket and satellite company was successfully registered as a private limited with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) as well.

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