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BY: Syed Fawad Ali Shah

It is irony of the fate, that political appointments in key departments like FIA, grossly hampered the process of accountability. FIA was established to curb the corruption and to investigate white collar crimes. With the passage of time, some more important tasks like Counter Terrorism, Cyber Crimes, Money Laundering etc were assigned to FIA.

Recently the political appointment of incumbent DG FIA, who belongs to an influential family of Sindh. The major reason of this appointment by Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, in August 2017 was his anti PPP past. His own close relative fought elections against PPP. This DG had personal animosity with Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, Co-Chairperson PPP, who kicked him out from Sindh.

Later he was appointed as DG FIA on 04-08-2017. The major task as DG FIA was to malign and let down this department to the extent that entire credibility of FIA reaches at its bottom. The reason behind this was JIT Report of Mr. Wajid Zia ADG FIA, which expelled Nawaz Sharif from political arena for whole life. He was given the task of pre-poll rigging in the provinces of Sindh and Baluchistan.

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He immediately started obliging different political personalities by getting their favorites in FIA on deputation basis in violation of superior courts orders and rules. On 8-9-2017, he requisitioned 17 PSP officers, out of whom 11 were Sindh domicile holders, 1 holder of Baluchistan domicile, 4 from Punjab and only one from KPK. In violation of all rules he took 19 police officials holding Sindh domicile ranking from ASI to Inspectors on 15-1-2018 again to please political entities of Sindh.

In Baluchistan, for obliging political people, present DG who is on leave now violated all rules and superior courts orders by taking different official from Baluchistan police. One DSP Legal in Baluchistan Police, who was on deputation in Anti-Corruption Establishment Baluchistan, is taken in FIA as AD Investigation and given charge of DD Crime Circle Quetta.

It is sheer violation of service rules and regulations; how a government servant who is already working on deputation to one department and from where he move to other department on deputation and cadre changed from legal to investigation. Is not it mockery of rules, regulations and superior court order in CP 89/2011. One inspector of Baluchistan Police, who was remained in FIA for about 6 year on deputation and repatriated in 2016, took over back on deputation basis in FIA, in violation of estacode mandatory requirement of completion of 3 years in parent department.

One Sub Inspector of Baluchistan Police, who was also remained in FIA for about 6 year on deputation and repatriated in 2016, took over back on deputation basis in FIA in violation of estacode mandatory requirement of completion of 3 years in parent department. DG FIA took 15 constables from Baluchistan Police in FIA on deputation basis whereas FIA has already started process of new appointments against vacant posts. Everyone knows that in Baluchistan a person can become MNA, MPA or senator by mere getting a dozen of votes like former CM and Chairman Senate.

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According to Election Commission’s Rules, prior to general elections, every head of department must be changed, but not in case of present DG FIA. When he was about to be transferred from FIA to as IGP Sindh, in a strange move his transfer was stopped by SCP and ordered that he shall not be transferred from DG FIA till finalization of Asghar Khan Case. Air Marshal Retd. Asghar Khan (Late) fought this case till his last breath.

Prior to election neither present DG FIA changed nor any other PSP officer was transferred from FIA. Due to his influence Establishment Division has to withdraw the transfer notifications of some PSP officers who were transferred to different provincial police departments, immediately issuance after next day.

During his two years, as of now he is on forced leave, most of the major cases and enquiries were either closed or spoiled to the extent that it cannot attain convictions etc. The famous Asghar Khan Case, in which he was given transfer immunity by the SCP, was recommended for closure and he stated that there is no sufficient evidence available on record to be proceeded with. What a biggest joke of history? Evidences are available everywhere in Print media, electronic media and even google is full of evidences. Even some of politicians paid back the received amounts.

Grand Hayat case, in which DG FIA appeared before standing committee and categorically stated that the allotment and construction of towers were illegal and also stated that some luxury apartments were even given to some politicians as gifts for cover up. He gave this statement in October 2017. But after a few weeks, he himself submitted a report that no illegalities were committed in allotment and construction of Grand Hayat towers and recommended for closure of the case as illegally registered. Present Chairman NAB by taking a serious view immediately contacted the trial court and using his constitutional powers got it transferred from FIA Court to NAB Court.

The case of Imtiaz Tajwar is a classic example of abuse of authority. During his additional posting as Chairman NADRA, he misappropriated millions of rupees for personal uses like personal shopping even Umrah Tickets and Sadqas were paid by national exchequers funds. Prior to posting of present DG FIA, FIA after conducting inquiry registered criminal case against him. Later on after the inception of present DG FIA, he got closed case against Imtiaz Tajwar who was discharged from the case and FIR was cancelled.

In 2013, government announced an Amnesty Scheme for smuggled vehicles. The purpose of this scheme was to legalize all non-customs paid vehicles available in Pakistan by paying a nominal customs duty within a one month. But in the shelter of this amnesty scheme thousands of vehicles which were not actually physically present in Pakistan, were registered illegally by the dealers with the connivance of customs officers. Prior to posting of this DG, one case was registered at FIA Baluchistan against private persons and customs officials. Immediately, after his posting he asked for clearance of some customs officers but when unsuccessful, DG FIA ordered for transfer of case from Baluchistan to Islamabad and got it closed.

There are large numbers of important cases and inquiries especially related to Utility Stores Corporation, OGRA, Housing societies, etc. were closed during the tenure of this DG and cannot be discussed all due to shortage of space. The present case of Judge Video Scandal is only a mini glimpse of, how he maneuvered and closed important cases and inquiries to prolong his tenure as long as possible.

However, it is hoped that Dr. Mujeeb ur Rehman Khan, holding current charge of DG FIA, who belongs to a small province and having an excellent reputation and a man of integrity, shall reopen and reinvestigate all such important matters, as he already took initiative by asking from all FIA offices for provision of record of all important cases and inquiries of recent past 3 years.

it is for PTI government to decide whether all such acts of incumbent DG FIA falls within the definition of abuse of authority or not?

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