Refugees Turning Into Human Catastrophe

Seeking asylum is not a luxury but a compulsion. It’s not a privilege but an alienable right. This right is directly related to the universal right of life and limb. No human being can be deprived of this basic fundamental right.

With the advent of new regional and international crises, number of populations
have been forced to leave their homeland in the hope of finding a better place to live. But with each
passing day the miseries of the refugees are growing by leaps and bounds.

Especially after 9/11, each country has started monitoring the refugees from a very narrow and microscopic view. The developed countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other European states are reluctant to allow free access to those people who have fled from the tyrannical regimes or the atrocities of militant groups like ISIS, Talibans, Boko Haram and others.All the first World countries are imposing more and more restrictions upon their movement.

Recently the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump has reduced the number of refugees from all over the world to resettle in his country, which was ninety thousand during the former U.S President Barack Hussein Obama’s regime. The United Nations (UN), International Resource Committee (IRC), Human Rights organizations including media has been vocal on that issue. U.S is the largest country for resettling refugees worldwide, but it is still residing large numbers of immigrants from other countries. Even if U.S President Donald Trump reduced that number, it is his choice whether or not to allow anyone to
come to his country and the majority of the American people do not want the refugees to resettle in
their country that’s why they elect a leader like Donald Trump.

But the strange thing is that why only US is being criticized. Did Canada, Australia, New Zealand,
European countries and UK not sign the UN Refugee Convention 1951? These countries still provide
refugee to a very small number of refugees than U.S. Instead of criticizing the U.S, UNHCR and other
Human Rights organizations, why not urge Canada, New Zealand, Australia and European countries
to increase the number of refugees to be resettled so that refugees who are not accepted by the U.S
should be resettled in other countries immediately. Has the U.S taken all that right to resettle
refugees in a high number?


CommentIt is also the responsibility of these countries who raised their voices against human rights abuses, to
increase the number of refugees in their country immediately. Because millions of such migrants are
currently waiting for the dream of resettlement in many countries. In many countries young
migrants are not allowed to work because of non-resettlement nor travel to any other country. It
seems as if these people have become frogs of a single well whose hopes of resettlement have also
been drained. Many refugees in Malaysia are forced to beg on the streets as a result of lack of
assistance. They beg from the people along with their children. The refugees do not even know from
where to bring the money for a day's meal? Just like that, begging, hunger and poverty have become
the destiny of refugees. Many young people cannot marry because of lack of resettlement, who are
getting old in waiting that one day they will be recognized by resettling in a good country.

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The refugees in Malaysia are like orphans who have no savior except UNHCR Malaysia, but how can
UNHCR provide millions of refugees with less resources? The number of refugees are increasing day
by day, but the countries signing the UN Refugee Convention 1951 are probably sleeping. Human
Rights organizations and the media have been criticized the U.S President only. If these countries, by
one voice, increase the number of immigrants, then the number of refugees from all over the world will decrease.

There are currently 175,000 asylum seekers and refugees in Malaysia, with the
majority of migrant cases being sent to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and United
States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has been pending for many years, whose files
may have gone awry. But their requests to the DHS and USCIS have not been yet ruled out, with
thousands of refugees applying for resettlement requests for resettlement in U.S for many years.
Animals in Malaysia are highly respected than refugees, the government does not allow them to
work, which has led many refugees to beg secretly or go to mosques, temples or Gurdwaraas to take
their meal.

Malaysia is a Muslim country, if it cannot provide services to non-Muslim refugees, then they should
take care of their own Muslim refugees, so that they can eat and work for themselves until they
resettle in another country. If Malaysian’s Government want to reduce the number of refugees from
their country, then they should provide them with complimentary travel documents (honorary
passport) and open their airports and borders to travel to other develop countries. So that they can
voluntarily travel to a good country like Turkey, which allowed many refugees to enter Europe,
which would reduce the number of refugees in Malaysia by less than fifty percent.

Likewise, Brunei Darussalam, the richest country in the world, should also help these refugees. If U.S,
Canada, Europe, UK, New Zealand and Australia have signed the UN Refugee Convention 1951, then
why rich countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Muscat, Turkey and Bahrain can't
give shelter to their Muslim refugees? These countries are Muslim, but according to Islamic rules
they are not helping their Muslim refugees. On the other hand, U.S President Donald Trump also
refuses to accept Muslim refugees. If this is the case, what will happen to the refugees? Which angel
will come into the world to help these refugees? If the developed countries have a humanitarian
element, then they will have to pay more attention to their migrants than animals. Sooner than later
a campaign will start one day where even animals will be forced to chanting slogans like "Save
Refugees, they have similar right to life like us.


Fawad Ali Shah


— Syed Fawad Ali Shah is a freelance writer who writes on multiple issues

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