Saraqeb: Situation in flux as Syrian forces, rebel groups battle


Antakya, Turkey – Clashes between Syrian government forces and armed opposition groups are continuing in the northwestern strategic city of Saraqeb in Syria’s Idlib province amid heavy Russian bombardment.

On Monday, Syrian state media SANA said government forces had wrested control of the city back from the rebels and pledged to “confront the flagrant Turkish aggression”.

Syrian forces, backed by Russia, entered Saraqeb and exerted control on February 8, before Turkish-backed armed opposition groups reclaimed it last week on February 27.

According to a SANA correspondent, government forces entered Saraqeb on Monday “after they fought fierce battles against the terrorist organisations supported by the Turkish regime” and are working “to comb the city from the remnants of the terrorists”.

“It’s a very fluid situation,” al-Hussam said, speaking from the nearby town of Binnish. “The rebel groups are in control of the western area of Saraqeb and can’t get to the area on the eastern side known as the industrial zone, where the Syrian government forces have positions and have been in control.”

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