Technological innovations in 2018?


By Muhammad Amman Janjua

2018 was one of the best gaming and technology communities years. Many new devices have been released, for example, the surface pro 6, the Samsung Galaxy S9, the Galaxy Note 9, the New Ipad pro, etc. For gamers, it was the best year because many new games came out for the community like Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Fortnite new seasons( like season 4,5,6,7), Far Cry 5, God of war, Dragon Ball Fighters, etc. Updates for trendy games like fortnite made the community very excited for 2019. The community for the second best- selling the game of all time Minecraft was hyped too because they had updates that were full of content for them to enjoy. Besides the games, conventions like E3 were popular companies like Microsoft and Sony announced new products Microsoft announced the new Xbox one x, which is still the most powerful console yet. A company Nvidia released a new graphics card, the best graphics card it was called GeForce RTX 2080 Intel also released its Intel Core i9 reviewing Youtube channels with more products to review and gaming channels to upgrade their equipment. Companies that run online, such as Google servers, can also upgrade these new resources to make their company run better or fix certain performance problems. Many people completed their dreams this year and many more companies started entertainment parks for people and many OLED TVs Were released like the one from LG 4k TV 32LH512U- TC.

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