The first day of the start of the Safwa Sweihan 2019

The third edition of the Safwa Sweihan camel tournament kicked off this morning at Al Asayel Square in Sweihan City under the supervision and organization of the Emirates Heritage Club and media sponsorship from the Sultan Bin Zayed Center.

The event was attended by Sheikh Obaid bin Salmeen Al Mansouri, HE Humaid Saeed Bulahej Al Rumaithi, Executive Director of Activities and Events at the Emirates Heritage Club, HE Ali Abdullah Al Rumaithi, Executive Director of Studies and Media at the club, and a number of senior camel owners and dignitaries of the region.

The owners of the original camels, who came early to Swayhan square for the original has paid the most beautiful of their camels, including a selection of Asayel with the achievements of gold in the fields of decorations.

The competition started today in the morning with three rounds of remains, namely open gold, open silver, and Altad, while evening competitions included the realities category of open gold and open silver and Altad.

Obaid bin Salmeen Al Mansouri and Hameed Saeed Bulahej Al Rumaithi were crowned winners of the competitions awards in the morning of the age of “Al Lqaya”. Mansouri, came in third place ride “splendor” of Obeid Ahmed Balhota Ameri.

In the silver open, the half-way ride went “Shalfa” to Suhail bin Anouda Al-Amri, and came second in the ride “spectrum” Saeed bin Ghobesh Al-Mahrami, while came third in the ride “Farida” goal scorer Saeed Aldhak Mansouri.

In the half of the Talad was the share of the ride “Shawasha” to Hamad Jaber Mohammed bin al-Shuhaimi Mansouri, while second came the ride “Sarabah” Ali Ghanem Mansouri, and in third place ride “elite” of Mubarak Obaid bin Salmeen Mansouri.

Valuable cash prizes, a shield and a scarf were awarded to the winners of the top three of each run and cash prizes to the winners from fourth to tenth place.

The results of the evening period will be announced this evening, with the resumption of competitions competing Safwa Sweihan, where the morning period will see the competitions in two games for the Talad, while the evening will see a golden run for the Mafarid, and the three-Talad production of the estate, and a silver run open.

Obaid bin Salmeen Al Mansouri, one of the most important supporters of the event, said that the elite match is of great importance due to the kind follow-up of His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the representative of His Highness the President of the UAE, noting that the organizing committee works within the directives of His Highness Appropriate for the success of this heritage event.

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