The Mysterious Treasure Hunt: Story writing

Reported By: Muhammad Amaan Janjua

5th-grade student (Beacon House School System)

I was just going back home from the park when I found a piece of paper I opened it, it was a map of buried treasure … There was a coordinate written on a piece of paper beside the map. The map was big but seemed to be focusing on one area. The map his message saying treasure will bring you a fortune. I went back home and told my family and friends.

Next week, we (Me, My Family and My Friends) went on the treasure hunt, we followed the directions on the map and came to a nearby park there was only one coordinate given on the paper so we marked the coordinates and went to the location, there was a tree with a message in a hole under a tree it was carved “Next coordinate is 365, 100, 156” We marked those coordinates again and followed them. There was yet another piece of paper but coloured and said important or warning.

Now we were annoyed, we opened the paper; there were yet other coordinates but this time with a new map it was at a different location so we followed it. It was an abandoned warehouse. We were curious went in and found a treasure chest. We were excited especially I because I was the most annoyed a lot before, I opened it and found yet another flipping piece of paper this time I was frustrated but I opened it and it was a message saying “There is no shortcut to life, fortune. Work hard then you will earn your reward”. After that we took the treasure chest home with us, went somewhere to eat, went home, talked and slept and started the new morning with the desire of working hard and earning the reward we were supposed to earn.

Moral of the story: There is no shortcut to life. Work Hard”

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