‘The Scorpion’ caught red-handed with 40kg of drugs in UAE


The Abu Dhabi police have seized 40kg of crystal meth that was hidden in an old car parked in the Musaffah industrial area. Two Asian men, who had smuggled the drugs into the UAE and were promoting them in the emirate, have been arrested, the police said on Saturday.

One of the arrested was identified as ‘The Scorpion’.

Col Taher Ghareeb Al Dhahri, head of the Directorate of Drug Control Section, said the men were caught based on a tip-off that said they were distributing the drugs in residential neighbourhoods in Abu Dhabi.

A video posted by the police on social media shows a suitcase full of drugs in the trunk of the car.

“After bringing the crystal meth to the country, the men packed them in small sachets and distributed them,” said Col Al Dhahri. “The force monitored the Asian men for some time, right from their home to the areas of operation. They were later caught red-handed in possession of the drugs.”


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