To beat Coronavirus Stay at home and Save Lives


By: Dr. Shaukat Chauhdary

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Coronavirus is an infectious disease caused by a new type of virus Covid-19. It causes mild to moderate respiratory illness develops sign & symptoms Temperature, dry cough, flu, difficulty in breathing which leads to organ failure. Coronavirus outbreaks are getting worse, more than 185 Countries/ Areas are affected in which more than 3 million confirmed cases and more than 11 thousand deaths reported, Punjab reports coronavirus cases surges Pakistan tally to 640 confirmed cases & 3 deaths reported in which one doctor included from AJK. this is high time for all of us to act wisely to prevent our-self as much as we can, the most important preventions that need to take serious that include avoiding close contact, avoid handshaking, wash your hands frequently with soap & water at least 20 seconds, maintain social distance, avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth, Infected person must wear masks and Quarantine (Isolate) yourself, do not go to large gatherings, make sure rational use of personal protective equipment (PPE), in health care and community settings. Stay at home is the best prevention to combat Covid-19 for at least coming 2 weeks to save lives because coronavirus spreads through droplets of saliva, sneezing & coughing if u are coughing or sneezing must be into flexed elbow or tissue. Government of Pakistan & healthcare provider’s working day & night to save lives. Educate yourself and social circle to stay at home and practice respiratory hygiene to strengthen the Immune system.

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