TRA visits CERT China



A delegation from the UAE Computer Emergency Response Team, aeCERT, and the Centre of Digital Innovation of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, TRA, visited the National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team, CNCERT, of the People’s Republic of China to establish a joint working group to enhance cooperation between the two parties.

The delegation visit also aimed to identify best practices applied in China concerning space, cybersecurity, and the protection of entities, institutions and individuals from the risks of hacking and cyber blackmail.

Commenting on the visit, Mohammad Al Zarooni, Director of the Policies and Programmes Department at the TRA, said, “This visit is a continuation of the successful meeting between the TRA and the Cyberspace Administration of China headed by Liu Liehong, Deputy Director of the Cyberspace Administration of China, which took place last March. Cooperation between the two countries in cyberspace will have a positive role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in both countries.”

Al Zarooni added, “A few days ago, we launched the National Cybersecurity Strategy, which we developed based on a large number of global reports, benefiting from the experiences of the top 10 countries in this field. We are determined to develop cybersecurity work to ensure the interests of institutions and individuals, and create a safe electronic space, which contributes to the UAE’s growth, and supports the process of digital transformation. To achieve these goals, we are keen to communicate effectively with brotherly and friendly countries, to exchange ideas and opinions, and promote cooperation for the benefit of all.”

During the tour, the aeCERT delegation met with officials and experts from the CNCERT, where they discussed ways of cooperation between the two countries in the fields of cyber security, cyberspace and digital transformation.

The delegation also visited the China Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and exchanged views on the best methods of accelerating the digital transformation process and using Artificial Intelligence in the provision of services.

The TRA has recently intensified communication with its strategic partners in the country and its counterparts in friendly countries in preparation for the 5G phase and the developments in space and cyber security.

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