Twitter resolves to not ‘unilaterally’ suspend accounts posting pro-Kashmir content

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Twitter from now onwards will not unilaterally suspend tweets and block Twitter accounts of social media users in Pakistan on the pretext of posting pro-Kashmir content, sources told the media on Wednesday.

The concerns of Pakistan have been resolved following the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s (PTA) engagement with the Twitter management to ensure freedom of expression.

The PTA had raised its concerns with the Twitter administration about the biased approach towards Pakistani Twitter users in strong words, according to the statement issued by the regulator, and has also requested Pakistani social media users to report any Twitter account suspended for supporting the cause of Kashmir’s freedom movement.

The telecom sector regulator had asked the users of the microblogging site to register their concerns about the suspension of their tweets or blocking of their accounts at the following email address:

Moreover, Pakistan military spokesperson Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor had earlier announced that Pakistani authorities have taken up a case with Twitter and Facebook for suspending Pakistani social media accounts that posted messages in support of Kashmir.

He had said the reason behind the suspended accounts was the Indian staff at the regional headquarters of the social media giants.

He had also requested social media users to respond with information about accounts that have been suspended.

Under The Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016, PTA is the sole body that can officially block access to unlawful online content on the internet and take it up with relevant platforms in cases where the PTA is unable to block them because of technical grounds.

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