UAE Donates Dh3.6bn To War Ravaged Syria Since 2012


Abu Dhabi: An amount of Dh3.59 billion in foreign aid has been donated by the UAE to war-torn Syria by the UAE since 2012.

The statistics released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation and UAE Aid on Friday, revealed that in the first three weeks of this year, the country has already donated Dh30m to Syria. Almost Dh2m of that money went towards Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Last year, the UAE donated Dh346.3 million in aid to Syria, a 511 per cent increase from the Dh56.7m donated in 2012, a year after the conflict in the Levantine country began.

Though the UAE cut diplomatic ties with Syria in 2012, the country continued to send financial aid to support the Syrian people affected by the civil war.

Last month, the UAE reopened its embassy in Damascus, resuming diplomatic ties.

According to ministry, 94.5 per cent of the total aid donated since 2012 was used for humanitarian work while the remainder was used in the development sector.

The majority of the aid, more than Dh1.23bn was spent on food, and around Dh711.3m was used to build shelters and distribute non-edible items.

The UAE’s contribution has also helped boost the health and education sectors and develop support and social services.

Dh86m of the money was used towards programmes in health, agriculture, food security, power generation, water and sanitation sectors.

Over the years, the aid was distributed with the help of the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, World Health Organisation, World Food Programme, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, United Nations Relief and Works Agency, and the International Rescue Committee.


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