UK Election: Live updates with Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn set for tight battle

Voters head to the polls as Johnson's Conservatives need just nine more seats for a majority, which would allow him to push through his own Brexit deal.


Britain headed to the polls on Thursday to determine the immediate future of Brexit, in a vote described as the most important in a generation.

More than 4,000 polling venues across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, including a windmill, several pubs, a hair salon and a chip shop, opened their doors at 7am (11am UAE) for a day of voting until 10pm.

Up for grabs are all 650 seats in the British parliament, which has been deadlocked since the 2016 referendum on EU membership that saw a majority vote to leave. Victory for 70-year-old Jeremy Corbyn would make him the first Labour prime minister since Gordon Brown in 2010 and the oldest first-time premier since Viscount Palmerston in 1855.

Celebs cast their vote

Documentary maker Louis Theroux


First December election in a century

And the weather is pretty miserable right now in the UK with rainfall all over the country.
In Dalwhinnie – a small village in the Scottish Highlands – voters turned up to polling stations covered in snow.
a woman clears snow from the entrance of a polling station in dalwhinnie
a woman clears snow from the entrance of a polling station in dalwhinnie
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polling stations
polling stations

Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party leader Arlene Foster at the polls

Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon has cast her vote

Jeremy Corbyn votes


jeremy corbyn and his wife laura alvarez
jeremy corbyn and his wife laura alvarez

How UK residents in the UAE see the polls and politics

Despite being thousands of miles from home, British residents living in the UAE have been far from immune to the protracted back and forth between Brussels and London.
The National spoke to residents to discuss if, how and why they plan to vote.

The firm remainer

Emma Minett, 34, from Gloucestershire, England, has lived in Dubai for 18 months:

“I lived in the UK during the [EU] referendum and voted remain. During this election, I am voting by proxy for Labour. My mother-in-law will vote on my behalf. It was a tough choice for me as there are so many points to consider. I voted remain and still want to remain. However, I still think we should leave, as that’s what the people voted – it’s called democracy. But I don’t want to leave crash, bang wallop – hence the Labour vote.”

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