Whatever it takes: Earth’s mightiest heroes gear up in Avengers Endgame trailer


A month before Avengers: Endgame hits the cinema, Marvel on Thursday dropped a brand new trailer for the film.

The two and a half minute trailer picks up in the aftermath of Avengers: Infinity War with the trailer opening with Tony Stark adrift in space aboard the Guardians of the Galaxy’s ship. With his food and water supply depleted and only a day’s worth of oxygen remaining, Tony uses his Iron Man armor to record a goodbye message to Pepper Potts back on Earth.

There are plenty of flashbacks in the trailer, most of it reused footage from earlier Marvel films, recapping the characters journeys so far.

We see Tony reflecting on building the original armour in the first Iron Man movie and becoming a hero. We see a pre-Super Soldier Serum Steve Rogers dreaming of becoming a hero. The trailer also features an audio clip from Steve’s conversation with an elderly Peggy Carter in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Rounding out the main trio of Avengers, the trailer includes a few shots from the first Thor movie.

Hawkeye is also prominently featured in the new trailer, including a flashback shot of Clint training his daughter to be an archer. We also see Clint’s emotional reunion with Natasha.

We also see the Black Widow with a new hairstyle in the trailer. In previous trailers, Scarlett Johansson retained her blonde Infinity War locks, although in this trailer, she’s reverted to her red hair.

Also the heroes can be seen in brand new uniforms. Could they be gearing up for the ultimate fight in their slick new outfits?

The trailer does end with one surprise: a scene with Brie Larson’ Captain Marvel and Thor played by Chris Hemsworth.

Avengers: Endgame arrives in theatres on April 26.:

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